Monarch Bay Restaurant

620 NE 78th Street, Miami, FLorida 33138

Executive Chef Yora Chan



Born in Cambodia, chef Yora had seen a lot in his life time. Growing up in war torn country life was very hard. Force to leave his homeland. Yora, move to Thailand  Raised in Columbia, Maryland. ‘The first job I really have been in the restaurant business I guess you can say that it’s in my blood, I thank my mom for teaching me how to cook. Culinary Art wasn’t always my passion I was an artist and fashion designer.  I decided to come to Miami because I love the tropical life because I got a scholarship to Miami School of design in Fashion. But mainly am a self taught chef, by just working with good chef. after the fall of the Khmer Rouge and than to the Philippine. He comes to the united state in 1982.


Had work for some fine restaurant as chef for Clyde’s of Columbia, Balan’s of Miami, Quinn’s Of South Beach, Mon Ami French Brasseries in Boca, and Baredo Café where he received 31/2 star from the Sun-Sentinel. Other high profile places like The Bath Club resort & spa in Miami Beach where he was and Executive Chef.


The idea for Monarch Bay Restaurant, it’s for the fact that I love seafood. The other notion is that theirs is not enough Southeast Asian restaurants here in Miami. We also due a full menu of Indian  cuisine.   I love the street food of the Asia. It brings back memory when my mother work the street market selling noodles and sandwiches. The Flavor of hot, sour, salty and sweetness of flavor. It’s can be bold and bright, or light and refreshing like the summer rolls.  But here in the states I have to make its more modern for the American Customer but you cant forget the tradition either.